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Armed Forces of Liberia

Armed Forces of Liberia
Editor Miller, Frederic P. Editor Vandome, Agnes F. Editor McBrewster, John
EAN: 9786130752392 ISBN: 6130752393
Publisher: Alphascript Publishing
Price: N 10,340.00
Binding: Paperback
Language: ENGLISH
Published Date: 10/2010


Categories: Government - General, ,  
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Number of Pages: 76
The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) was constituted in 1962 from the original Liberian military that had been established in 1908 as the Liberian Frontier Force. For virtually all of its history, the AFL has received considerable materiel and training assistance from the United States. For most of the 1941-89 period, training was largely provided by U.S. advisors. This assistance has not prevented the same generally low levels of effectiveness common to most of the armed forces in the developing world. For most of the Cold War, the AFL saw little action, apart from a reinforced company group which was sent to ONUC in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the 1960s. This changed with the advent of the First Liberian Civil War in 1989. The AFL became entangled in the conflict, which lasted from 1989 to 1996-97, and then the Second Liberian Civil War, which lasted from 1999 to 2003. The AFL is in the process of being reformed and retrained after being completely demobilised following the second civil war. The AFL currently consists of two infantry battalions, though the reconstitution of the Liberian Coast Guard and an air wing is planned.